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Some words from my clients…

RICHARD NATHAN Director of Red Circle Editions

It was a total pleasure working with Caroline on the first three books in our new series Red Circle Minis. All three titles are much better because of it and initial feedback has been extremely positive. She was generous with her time and provided good general advice as well as professional support on many fronts. She is a good listener too and has help make our author’s narratives shine. I am looking forwarding to working with her again as the manuscripts for our next batch of titles arrive.

ABBIE HEADON Editorial Director at Farrago Publishing (previously Summersdale Publishing)

“Having discovered Caroline’s passion for great writing and extensive knowledge of the entire publishing process through mutual friends on Twitter, I commissioned her to write two books for the Summersdale trade non-fiction list, and I was delighted with her work.
Caroline responded to each brief with enthusiasm and relevant questions about the nature of the project. She then provided sample content before the requested deadline, and delivered the finished manuscript in an equally timely fashion, fulfilling the requirements of the brief perfectly. At all times, she has been a pleasure to work with, and a model of professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend Caroline as a collaborator on any publishing project and I look forward to working with her again.”

LAURENCE KERSHOOK author of The Broygus

From start to finish, collaborating with Caroline was an absolute delight. To begin, we had a chat where I outlined what I hoped to achieve and Caroline reflected back how she could make it happen for me. From then on she made it feel like a joint project, with her contributing her impressive expertise and making suggestions that were always perceptive, constructive and helpful. In a relatively short amount of time, Caroline had formatted and typeset my novel, designed the cover and created versions for paperback and ebook publication. Several drafts went back and forth, with Caroline always responding promptly and making alterations with great patience. She also provided me with invaluable detailed instructions for loading the two formats onto Amazon Publishing, and was on hand to help me overcome any problems that arose. What pulled the whole thing together for me was Caroline’s unfailing professionalism, her enthusiasm and her ‘can-do’ approach. I’d recommend anyone to invite her to work with them.

LIANE CARTER author of Darcy The Dog Who Talked and The Chronicles of Joya

“Caroline is the most professional, speedy, kind, patient and thorough person I have ever worked with. Worked on two books with Caroline. She is working on a third for me, and she will receive another from me this summer. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather work with. I am beyond grateful she is on my team.”

DOUGLAS I. BLACK author of Get The Girl

“Caroline guided me through the process of turning my debut novel from the ‘completed’ article into something that I could actually publish. She can proofread, copy-edit, format, typeset and much more. Her help with the design of the cover was invaluable and she enabled me to produce a book – in both paperback and e-book versions – of which I am very proud. Caroline over-delivered at every stage of our relationship and she did so with patience and good cheer. Her commitment, energy and professionalism has been outstanding.”

DAVID BISHOP author of Endeavour: The Complete Inspector Morse 

“I’ve had twenty novels and half a dozen non-fiction tomes published by traditional houses, but self-publishing an ebook with Caroline Goldsmith as my digital genie with the most pain-free experience of them all. She was able to turn work around with admirable alacrity, and gently guided me through the whole process with charm and patience. Consider me very, very happy to endorse her publishing services.”

RACHEL MANN author of On Blackberry Hill

“Caroline Goldsmith really knows her stuff. I spent years working on my novel, and the last thing I wanted to do was spend several more learning how to format e-books and paperbacks. Thank heavens for Caroline – with her knowledge, know-how, and commitment to deliver, my book was for sale less than a month after I sent her the manuscript. She’s kind and patient, and she made my book look great. Can’t recommend her enough. ”

TRACEY SINCLAIR author of The Cassandra Bick Chronicles and Bridesmaid Blues

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that without Caroline, I probably wouldn’t have managed to get my books out. Caroline not only gave me valuable feedback on my MS, but also helped design a series of covers that were perfect for the book but also thematically linked and cohesive as part of a series. Using her original photography – so avoiding any copyright issues – Caroline created some striking images which I feel capture the spirit of the books, and while (I admit) the creative input came from her, I always felt involved in the process and she was very quick to change anything I wasn’t happy with, or find solutions to any problems and offer alternatives where necessary. She’s also been enormously helpful in terms of creating other marketing collateral, including pull quotes from critics to use as online advertising, and hard copy material such as postcards, and seasonal merchandising, and supplying images for the book’s website. Without Caroline’s assistance getting my series into print would probably still be just a pipe dream, so I am enormously grateful.”

ALEX PEARL author of Sleeping With The Blackbirds

“When looking for a helpful e-book publishing service to format my teen novel, ‘Sleeping with the Blackbirds’, I was pointed in Caroline’s direction by award winning author,  Chris Chalmers. Caroline was brilliant. As someone who really isn’t much of a dab-hand when it comes to matters digital, I was guided through the process with very clear and cogent email advice; all my queries were answered swiftly; my cover was tweaked to sit perfectly on Kindle and Kobo; and I was able to download my first teen novel on both Kindle and Kobo while munching lunch! I couldn’t recommend Caroline more highly. Very professional and refreshingly untechy in her use of the English language. Full marks!”

T.A. GILBERT author of Wednesday Night Tupperware 

“I can’t thank Caroline enough. They supported me through every step of turning my print book into an e-book. Getting the cover design right felt like a real partnership, with Caroline offering several alternatives at each step and quickly acting on my choices. Along with the files I needed to upload my book came a handy one page set of instructions and the offer of any further help I might need. I hope we work together in the future.”

JOHN BRASSEY author of Give Me Your Tomorrow

“Until I met Caroline Goldsmith, publishing my novel  was just a pipe dream and without Caroline’s enthusiasm and encouragement it would have stayed just that. Caroline designed my cover and formatted the book for upload onto Amazon making the whole process very easy and simple to manage.”

ARTHUR GOODHART author of Unlucky

“It is banal but true to observe that the e-publishing world is inhabited by good guys as well as bad guys. You have to be on your guard. Caroline, I am delighted to report, is one of the good guys. Caroline is professional, skilful, knowledgeable and helpful. With Caroline any query or question, however daft, was always promptly addressed. As the whole uploading procedure loomed it seemed likely that any number of things would go wrong. With Caroline’s cribsheets to hand and knowing she was only an email away I was much reassured. It turns out that independent publishing is both easy and fun.”

JULIA LAFLIN author of The House at Roc Noir 

“The recommendation to contact Caroline came from Justine Solomons, founder of Byte The Book. I was given a sensible timescale by Caroline in which she would format my work fore pub and she carried out the job with efficiency and patience. Caroline suggested putting together a paperback edition of my novella, as many readers enjoy having a physical copy, and then made short work of the cover wrap design and the typesetting format required. She made the process simple to understand and, best of all, she did all the work.The instruction guides provided by Caroline to set up accounts with self-publishing platforms  were clear and helpful. A real added value service. I’ll be back for more next time.”


“Caroline’s kind assistance with book production and social media were of a very high standard and quality. We recommend her services and wish her the very best.”

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