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Editorial Services

What level of work does your manuscript need?  



Structural edit and detailed critical feedback: 

Do you feel that your book needs a second pair of eyes? Does it need critical feedback to make it the best it can be? Do you need some help working through some plot issues? 



I will read and annotate your manuscript and

Highlight and offer solutions for: plot issues including development, plot-holes, continuity errors and pacing; inconsistencies with characters; inconsistencies in narration or tense; repetition, wordiness, clumsy or unclear phrasing; grammar and spelling issues; inconsistency of terms or language; possibly factually incorrect statements.

Advise on: developing plot lines; discarding sub-plots that distract from the themes; character development; language; pacing; theme.




Light edit:

Have you already been through several drafts of your work? Are you confident that you’re ready to publish or submit to an agent but worried that you might have missed something?  



I will read and annotate your manuscript and

Highlight and offer solutions for: remaining spelling or grammar issues; inconsistencies in language; inconsistencies within the story such as character or place names, character descriptions; factually incorrect statements


Editing is a very personal service so I offer to read and mark-up the first ten A4 pages of a manuscript so that you can decide whether my feedback is useful and be sure that I understand your vision for your work. I want to make sure that I am a good fit for you and your book. If you want to engage me as your editor, I offer two one-hour Skype sessions for detailed questions and brainstorming as part of the package.

For a no-obligation quote please email me.


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