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London Book Fair: Should you go, what to expect and what not to do.

Only a few years ago, when writers asked me if they should head to the annual London Book Fair, I would tell them it wasn’t worth it. Book fairs were … Continue reading

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When is it time submit to an agent and the value of a rejection

I’m often approached by writers who want me to help them edit their work before submitting to an agent. They’ve asked Beta readers for feedback and they’ve been through painful … Continue reading

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Independent/self-publishing: Where do I start? 

This is the question I get asked the most by clients when they first contact me about self-publishing. It often leads to a number of other follow-up questions. So, I … Continue reading

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Editorial: Perfecting your text

In a publishing house a text will go through several stages of edits. It’s best practice to emulate this process as closely as your budget will allow. Most editors work … Continue reading

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Sales Strategy: Choosing your printing and distribution platforms

Print-on-demand (POD) platforms Just over a decade ago, self-publishing was prohibitively expensive for a lot of writers. Print-on-demand has been a game-changer for writers and the industry alike. Not only … Continue reading

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Production: What do you need in order to make a manuscript into a book?

Publishing a POD paperback Ideally, when you come to this stage you will have a finished, clean draft of your manuscript that has been copy-edited and checked. This will save … Continue reading

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